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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We live in a world and time of uncertainty. Governments in other countries are falling apart. People in the United States and around the world are loosing their jobs, getting their hours cut back due to the economic situation that is truly global.
It becomes more and more difficult to stay positive in a world that seems to be falling apart. No matter what you believe, do not loose faith. Weather it be faith in your God, or faith in yourselves as human beings.
We as human beings have the power to change. Change within ourselves, change within our communities, and change in the world for the better of mankind.
It all starts with change within the home. The home that you have provided for your family. The home that resides in a world that you would like to see your children, and grandchildren to grow up in. The change starts within you.
We as human beings have the ability to have what we desire. I am not talking about the material things that most of us think we desire, but the true desire for ourselves and our families to be happy, healthy and safe.
While talking with my mother tonight regarding the issues of what is happening in the world today, and expressing our mission to be able to help as many human beings as possible of the lost/forgotten art of basic human survival, the lessons that have been passed down in our families of knowing what it takes to survive, she was very concerned about the people who have no land to grow their own food, the city dwellers and suburbanites.
Understanding this need is the first step. This is part of what we hope to accomplish. Not only helping out fellow homesteader’s, survivalist’s, “the new pioneers”, and the new patriots striving for the freedom of being able to secure a happy, healthy, safe environment for their families and all human beings. We feel that there are solutions out there for everyone. Solutions for the city dwellers, the suburbanites, the country folk, homesteader’s, survivalist’s, and patriots, just as our forefathers intended for us in America and fought for as the American Son’s of Liberty, (ASL).
There are solutions for each and every one of you. You have to look deep enough. Open your mind to the possibilities. Each and every one of us has the ability to survive whatever is handed to us in life.

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