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Monday, February 28, 2011

First Trip to the LDS Cannery LongTerm Food Storage Bulk Food Supply Pick Up

East coast prepper and his trip to the cannery:

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Jason from Asheville said...

Hey, I am from Asheville. I went to the Columbia SC cannery last month. First time trip. I called there and to greensboro this week and they won't take non-church members who dont show up with a member escort. Do you know anyone in the church who would go with you.

Anonymous said...

I had read somewhere that they WOULD accept not church members if you donated some time in their cannery, like 2 hours or something. Was that not your experience?
My wife and I were interested in purchasing from them, and were eager to doante our time, but if they've "closed the doors' so to speak to 'outsiders' then maybe we'll go elsewhere.
Thanks for any responses.

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