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Saturday, April 11, 2009

2nd for the day...

While perusing my lists of news sites, (no not CNN or FAUX news, or the MSM at ALL!!!) I came across this link whiched linked to Yahoo.


The best is this...He added that while refund delays popped up in only a few states so far this year, continuing revenue shortfalls could lead others to resort to this "band-aid" tactic.
"This doesn't solve a budget crisis, but it gives you a little float," Barro said.
North Carolina, facing a $2 billion deficit in its current budget, is about four weeks behind where it would normally be in sending out refund checks, according to Kenneth Lay, the state's revenue secretary.
"We're managing the distribution of checks very carefully," he said.
Lay added while the state hopes to catch up by mid-May, there was understandable anxiety on the part of taxpayers who need their refunds due to the sour economic conditions.
"We're telling people 'You'll get your refund check, it's just taking a little longer this year,'" Lay said.

Hope you got preps and a job. If you are waiting on a refund check to supplement your unemployment pittance, good luck. Time to develop a plan. We all better have one. We are going to need it.


Bullseye said...

Hey Ren, been out of town for a few days and just getting a chance to drop in and say hello. Looks like you have been very busy the last few days..GREAT JOB !! We are so glad to have you with the Network. Keep up the GREAT work and I'll be back soon.

Humble wife said...

You are right, we better have a plan because the collapse is just ahead.
Thanks for keeping up on this for us.

KI4HEE said...

Howdy Ren, Great to see NC well represented. Keep up the spirit, & we'll get thru this economic mess. If you get a chance, check out the SC Preppers Blog. I'll be keeping close tabs on weather issues that effect our areas, as well as other things as time goes on.
C-Ya on the blog... Hawk

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