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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taxes, Teabags, and preps...

Well, I made my signs, kissed my wife, and went to the local tea party. I had the distinct pleasure of being only one of 4 or 5 people pisse enough to start screaming at those yellow bellied lazy good for nothing POLITICIANS that were honored enough to come and speak. 3 out of the 5 speakers we had were politicians that have voted to RAISE local taxes. I and a very few others had the priveledge of shouting at them repeatedly. Then, the coup de gracie. My esteemed congress critter appeared as if my magic. Sue Myrick arrived in a silver car, and was immediately ushered to the front. She began to rip into the current administration about fiscal responsibility, until i had enough and shouted that she had voted for the FIRST bailout bill under Bush. She shut up for a sec, scanned the crowd, and hesitantly continued. I yelled a few more times, and finally held up my high yellow DON'T TREAD ON ME sign (A big Thank you to Big John Lipscomb for the exact thought to put to paper www.donttreadonme.tv ) and got enough people near me riled up enough to go over and ask her to explain herself. She looked plumb terrified. Poor thief. Now remember, I can't stand republican nor democrat, but I really hate a damn liar. Sue Myrick is one of these.

That does remind me though. Tea bags are something we might take for granted. I drink a gallon of tea a day when home and working in the garden. If you do as well, add it to your preps. They go on sale here every other week, and with coupons, I rarely spend more than .50 to .75 cents per 24 family bags. Take 2 and place them in a large ziploc baggie. They stay fine for months this way. Just don't remove the celefane wrapper. In addition to that, keep Kool-aid (or cheaper knockoff as we do. Do the exact same way. Or if you have a foodsaver, add them to a bag, and seal them in for freshness. Stay fine forever. Place in prep stash for a taste of normal for the kiddies. Check hot chocolate for after season sales. I bought a tall #10 can full normally 20 plus bucks at Costco for less than 3 bucks. It will still be fine next fall and winter for warming kids up after being outside working in the cold. Dry apple cider mix is a great addition to your BOB, and can be stored the same as koolaid is. Remember variety in your preps. Your kids will thank you. Again, remember you need potable water, or all that tea and kool-aid and hot cocoa will be no good to you at all.

Be safe, be aware, and stay informed.


Kymber said...

Great post Ren....good on ya for calling it out as you see it...and for calling out a liar!
also good prepping tips - thanks!

Benjamin Franklin said...

"Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God"

"A penny saved is a penny earned."

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