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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Pimps. hustling their crap. Standing on the street corner, or sitting behind of a news desk. Or of course a washington podium. Damn them all. I want to start by saying I personally don't think we have anything to worry about with this swine flu. UNLESS...you are hispanic, or have hispanic heritage in your ancestry. I belive this is a bioweapon, race specific. Might be wrong, but thats what I get in my gut from the news I read, much and often, and things I have heard such as Dr Tenpenny, who is in mexico, on Alex Jones. Very virulent in Mexico. But no deaths elsewhere. Other than the 1 new death here in the US that was a Mexican citizen here for treatment. That being said. Be smart. Get ready. You need a plan. Janet the open broders, anti-vet, troop hating POS, head of Gestapo/ DHS said get ready for the next wave. And I belive it is coming. This is a test, a left handed jaw tap. Get ready for the right hook!!! Coming this fall and winter I believe. Get some elderberry bushes and make your own tincture. Elderberry is the cure, according to others and the master of survival blogs wwwstayalive.blogspot.com

Get some hand sanitizer, get 3 - 4 weeks worth of preps to stay home, get some water, and a water filter (which in the enxt few weeks I will making a home made water filter and take some photos to show exactly how to do it. Just need more funds to buy the raw parts. Seems the local economy is contracting like the rest of the nation. Yahoo news has story of 6.1 contraction in US economy http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Economy-shrinks-at-apf-15067036.html?.v=12

Things are going south quickly. This is the beginning of things to come. The beginning of the end as Obama said. Picture this. You are standing in the middle of a circle. People line the circle. First they throw things, to make you jittery, then they come and kick your backside to get you off guard. Next, they begin to throw punches, from all directions faster and faster. You can no longer tell where they are coming from, or who threw them. You are spinning unable to get out and away from the punches. To your face and arms, chest and back, legs and feet. Hard and harder. Finally all of a sudden, someone rushes in from out of nowhere and bear hugs you to make it all stop. Enveloping you with their arms and body the blows miraculously stop instantly. That person is now your saviour. You knight in white armor. As you leave the circle under their arm, you notice they have blood on their knuckles. They were the ones punching you in the face. Figure it out people!! That is what is happening now. More and more chaos to cause you to panic. Thats why they are pimping this flu. To get you scared, to get you off balance. The economy and this new pandemic of pig flu is just to get you freaked out enough to make you start to wobble. Get ahold of the situation. Get ready for the punch to the face. It is coming. Mark it down. Be ready and you won't get your backside handed to you. Patton said don't die for your country, get the other poor bastard to die for his. Same principle here. Don't let them confound you. Confound them. Grow your own food, make your own job, educate your own kids, shop at thrift stores, swap meets, flea markets. Kill the beast system. And ignore the pimps of the crap. bastards.

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