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Friday, April 24, 2009

Been busy planting...

Sorry for the delay...LOL. I have been busy gardening. Tis the time of the year to be busy as a bee, and thats what has put me behind. My bees came ready earlier than I expected, like 2 weeks earlier (I had no earlier experience to tell me the right timetable) and I have been frenzied to get stuff in the ground. I usually plant a few new things I have never planted before, and some things like corn or watermelons that take a lot of space, but produce relatively little compared to such staples as beans and potatoes. I am going to skip corn this year I think. I love the fresh corn with dinner, but this year with the coming global depression, summer of rage riots which GM is prepping for by closing plants, the droughts of biblical proportions in California, Texas, China, the world, and my general gut feeling of impending civil rebellion/ riots/ war here in the US, might be good to produce as much as I can with what room I have. Now I have a goodly sized garden, and I added room this year, but I know it will not be enough. It is never enough. It will however be enough to grow all the green beans, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, beets, parsnips, squash both winter and summer, cukes, okra, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard...and whatever else I can cram in to her.

I did get my beehive set up, and they are working hard, gathering nectar and pollen. I am going to add the small super for their honeystores, and for their future growth, and I will add a medium super for me to possibly steal a little for us later on. This year is all about making a strong hive, and next year hopefully getting a swarm and filling the top bar hive I built using plans from www.biobees.com . The hive I built will be in a future post I am sure, and once I get my wife to show me how to work the camera and the computer, I will take pics and upload them.

My rabbit hutch still sits 3/4 done, and waiting for its occupants to move in. I need to pick up a roll of roofing, or scrounge some shingles from a construction dumpster or 12. I also need to finish the doors. I have the wood cut to length, 5/4 decking board, and I am going to mortise the boards together and add the hardware cloth. Once that is done and hung, I can get busy finding a local to buy some good rabbit stock from. 2 females and 1 male.

I hear news of impending doom and gloom, things out of my control, but I made a decision a while back. Everytime I hear bad news, or something happens I do one thing to make myself and my family less dependent on those beast systems. I am now independent on eggs, chicken, apples, and soon, honey rabbits, fur for coats and robes, and I am always thinking about whats next. Get ready for a bumpy ride. And watch your back...

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American Prepper said...

My wife just traded a few goats for a bunch of rabbits and fruit trees, cant wait to get home to get our garden going...Also wanted to mention you now have admin access so you can customize your site. Also wanted to mention that we have a new site up dedicated to covering the Swine Flu http://swine-flu-epidemic.blogspot.com/ Feel free to use any articles we have posted or submit any information to us that you'd like us to post

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